Founder and CEO, Sheryce Hogbonouto, has always had an obsession with candles. This Accountant-turned-Candlemaker put her calculating personality to the test by creating the perfect blend of fragrance and essential oils. With vibrant and/or subtle aromas that ignite the senses, her candles are designed to transport you to another realm.


It all started with a birthday gift from a coworker; a lovely scented candle that brought so much warmth to her life that it compelled her to share the experience by making a crafty creation of her own.


Born from a desire to make a quality product at a reasonable price and free of toxins, she spent years developing a unique recipe.


At the time, she recognized a gap in the market where there was an abundance of cheap candles available with little to no scent, mostly made of toxic petroleum-based paraffin wax. As an environmentally conscience Californian, the use of recyclable and/or biodegradable products was a no-brainer.


It was equally as important to create aromas that would span the spectrum from masculine to feminine. From the leathery amber musk of Caribbean Teakwood to the delightfully sweet aroma of Cherry Almond, there is a candle for everyone.


Ultimately, the most important mission of her creation is the plan to allow her fragrant candles and body oils to permeate a cause that hits home. As a two-time cancer survivor, Sheryce plans to bring awareness to the Cancer community by creating a line specifically for Cancer patients and donating a portion of the proceeds to Cancer Research.


The name La Douceur Corporelle translates to The Body Sweetness, inspired by the love shared with her French-speaking Benin-born husband. No surprise that it was officially launched on Valentine’s Day, February 14th, 2017. They live in Los Angeles where all candles are made with love.